Remember the 65th Reunion - Annapolis- 27 April 2019

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Summertime! And the livin’ ain’t easy–

Plebes are drillin’, and they’re sweatin’ like whores–

Pulling whaleboats, and the dusty parade field–

Bet they’d never thought to march around

Chesapeake’s shores.

Summer cruises, for the firsties and third class–

Lookout watches, or a trick at the wheel–

Steamy engine rooms, holystones in the morning–

Foreign liberty ports, what a wonderful deal!

Home on leave a while, for a month of enjoyment,

Then it’s pack your gear, head for airport or train–

Kiss the girls goodbye, taste your Mommy’s last breakfast,

And back to the arms of Mother Bancroft again!

7-31-07 RR

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