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Our Poet Looks At TRADITION!

When the Old Gray Spike is smeared with lard,
And the plebes rush out en masse to the Yard,
One imagines that Captain Herndon grins
To see how the plebelings bark their shins.
So they clutch in a slippery pyramid
While the smallest and lightest tries not to skid
From scaling his classmates' sweating backs,
As new graduates watch, and just relax.
But at last the white cap's clapped on high,
Chants of "No Mo' Plebes" float to the sky,
In one more step to a life's ambition.
And why?
Great God, man, it's TRADITION!
5-31-08 RR


Anonymous said...

The opening song to Fiddler On The Roof explains all of life.

Anonymous said...

Will:- Did you receive my info regarding the 19th & 20th Company party?? I note that it is not posted. I sent it to you a week ago.
David Smith