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A Memo for Veterans’ Day

Old Guard troops perform their duty–
Close beside each standing stone
Solemn soldiers plant the colors
For the Known and Yet-Unknown.
As the breeze sighs through their markers
One may almost hear them say,
“Thanks, our loved and loving buddies,
For this tribute on our Day.”

Yet it’s only once a twelvemonth
When the Nation gives her thanks
To the brave who lie in silence
In these ordered, rigid ranks–
All who served deserve the honor:
Soldiers, sailors, airmen bold,
Raised their hands and swore allegiance,
Men and women, young and old.

Sound, brave bugle, down the valley–
Notes of triumph, not of grief–
Love for all our fallen heroes,
Rooted in our firm belief.
Then we stand at tall attention
And salute, or bow the head
As the bugle breaks the stillness
For the living and the dead.


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