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A DAY FOR SAILING - from our class poet

(With a respectful bow to Masefield)
I long to sail on the Bay again, where the Severn meets the tide,
And all I'd ask is a tall yawl, and a warm girl at my side,
And a fresh breeze and the salt tang of spray on my cheeks and lips,
And yonder a great gray carrier, surrounded by lesser ships.
I wish to sail on the Bay again, once again to see and feel
The deck's tilt and the mast's bob as we tack about and heel,
And all I'd ask is a bright day, with a few clouds skimming by,
And a steady hand at the wheel, to judge with a seaman's steady eye.
I'd love to sail on the Bay again, but it never again shall be,
For all I'd ask is a youth restored, and a world at peace and free,
And all I'd ask is a warm sun on a glorious summer's day,
And strength renewed, and a future clear, and the lean years peeled away.
RR 4-29-09

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