65th Reunion - Annapolis- 24-27 April 2019

65th Reunion - Annapolis- 24-27 April 2019

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You can make reservations at Hotel Annapolis by- by calling 800-526-2593 and asking for USNA Class of 1954. rate


Our Class Poet's Reminder for the "Glorious Fourth"


When our fighting men are fighting, far away,
May our thoughts be with them, Independence Day,
Standing watch in engine rooms
And producing sonic booms
That make Al Qaeda's thugs to duck and pray.

And remember all those loyal women, too--
A skillful, brave and dedicated crew,
Sharing danger, bearing stress,
Fighting fears and loneliness
On land or sea, or high up in the blue.

So enjoy the Fourth, and celebrate July,
Watch rockets write their blooms against the sky,
Backyard picnics and cold beer,
Sleep tonight and have no fear--
Our troops are at their posts, and standing by!

RR 6-26-10

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