Remember the 65th Reunion - Annapolis- 27 April 2019

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GET THAT BULLET BACK! Our Poets April Poem


                                   GET THAT BULLET BACK!
            "On May Day, in a White House Rose Garden ceremony, President 
              Trump awarded the Commander in Chief's Trophy to the Army 
               football team, which in the 2017 season had  defeated both Navy and 
              Air Force to win the coveted trophy."    -- News item
                                 "Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again,"
                        The olden poet burbled brightly—
                        And Navy's stalwart muscled men
                        Came somewhat short, if only slightly.
                        Now is the time to rise anew,
                        To build a team that will not falter,
                        A strong, undaunted Navy crew
                        To place the prize upon our altar!
                        Let hearts be stout, and arms be steeled,
                        Let plays be hatched to sink the Grey--
                        And man to man upon the field,
                        Return that Trophy to the Bay!

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