Semper Fi - Services for Dick Alger

This month started with a good bye.

Dick Alger was buried at Arlington today. It was a cold February day but a large number of classmates, friends, and relatives attended the services at the Old Post Chapel at Fort Myer and the burial at Arlington.

Among our classmates Dick Alger always stood tall. He was always ready to do his part, and a little more, for the class. He gave '54 a fantastic 50th reunion. He was always there in every class project. At any party, luncheon, or gathering, you could always count on at least one good story from Dick. He was active in the planning of our 54th reunion up to his death.

'54 will miss him.

Semper Fi, Dick.


Dick and Joan at the 50th
Services at Arlington
Services at Arlington
Services at Arlington

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Anonymous said...

Col. Alger,
Thank you for your Honesty & reminding me to always Do The Right Thing.

God has Blessed me through our Relationship (Thank You Lord) you were an example of a Christian Man who was FAITHFUL to God, Family & Community.

I pray for the Wisdom & Courage to continue as You would have expected me to. Encouraging others, continually developing a Sharp Mind & Tender Heart; Enjoying Life, not being used or abused but being an Instrument and Tool for Positive Change.

Thank You for the Gift of FAMILY.


p.s. You are a pretty Decent Cook :-)...I miss you.