End of the Dark Ages Has Arrived!!

Twenty four members of the Class of 1954 celebrated the end of the dark ages at a luncheon at the Ft Myer OClub yestereday. Ed Martin, who arrived from the Left Coast, won the prize for the most out-of-towner. Bill and Kitty Land along with John and Delores Burcham won the prize for the last to arrive. ( Bill called me today to say that he had somehow scheduled the party for the 28th instead of the 27th. If you have forgotten Bill is the guy we have intrusted with the scheduling of our 54th reunion).

Much to our disappointment the club insisted that we cancel the wet tee shirt contest we had scheduled.

Army clubs still are just not with it!

Ed Tipshus, who arrived with a dog in his car, has promised to send me pictures of the affair.

Jim Bell offered the invocation - but we had all heard it before.

The Prez spoke at length - most of which we had heard before.

Jess Owens briefed us on the 54th Reunion. He indicated the committee would start asking for money next month.

Jess borrowed ten dollars from me to buy a drink.

Bill Montgomery brought us up to date on the class gift project. Eighty Two percent of the class with known addresses participated in the drive. BRAVO ZULU to the 82% and to Bill.

We all thought Charlie Powell would be our featured speaker but I guess he is still hung up at that marathon End of the Dark Ages down in Texas somewhere.

Next year maybe we should all go to Texas for the End of The Dark Ages

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