The Equinox approaches at a gallop,
Already we have leaped to DST,
Midsummer soon will smack us with a wallop,
Then Autumn pounces, with a shriek of glee--
Thanksgiving follows Labor Day in moments,
While Christmastide is waiting in the wings,
And New Year brings forth commentators' comments,
All-unexpected, Valentine's then springs.

Time has a way of catching us flat-footed,
We seldom hear him treading close behind--
This point, I'd guess, has never been disputed,
It's not much fun to watch your clock unwind.
The anchor chain is whipping through the hawspipe,
The bitter end will vanish in the sea,
No time to give my brow a hasty brow-swipe,
The capstan spins too fast for poor ol' me!

RR 3-14-07

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