Youngster Cruise Photos From David Smith

PLEBE YEAR - Youngster Cruise
The picture above is of Jake Everett and myself during the Youngster Cruise. We pulled into port in Lisbon and Jake and I attended the local bullfight. Both of us were impressed with the athletic ability of the individuals involved. After the bullfight Jake and I met with them and then had our picture taken with one of the Cavaleiros. (Cavaleiro - A horseman (rider), dressed in traditional 18th century costumes fights the bull from horseback. The horses are Portuguese Lusitanians, specially trained for the fights. These horses are usually skilled in dressage and may exhibit their art in the arena. The purpose of this fight is to stab three or four bandarilhas (small javelins) in the back of the bull. Horseback bullfighters are usually members of old aristocratic families.)
Note the bandarilhas in each of our left hands.

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When I was stationed at Pendleton I often went to the bull fights in Tiajuana. Once I saw a woman fighting Portuguese style like Conchita Cintron. I can't remember her name. Like Cintron she dismounted and dispatched the bull herself. The great Belmonte said of Cintron, who was not allowed to dismount in Spain, "If she gets off the horse we will have to bite the bull to death."