Remember Youngster Cruise? - Pictures From David Smith

Ready, Aim and Fire

Praise the Lord and ......

I should think that everyone remembers that big storm that we endured. I was on the USS Shea DM30 and eating a meal was quite an experience. They had taken down the tables in the messhall so we took our tray through the line (great selection of food since few were eating) and then sat on the deck. As the ship rolled we would slide from port to starboard while balancing our tray, hit the bulkhead, turn around and grab a bite or two. We would then slide to the port side, hit the bulkhead, turn around, grab a bite and continue this routine until we had finished the meal.

Try being patient while a Chief tries to teach you how to throw a heaving line.

Nothing like cleaning the deck of a Destroyer Minelayer during a Midshipman Cruise:

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