Live - From 1045 Dalebrook Drive

Vacation's over and I back from the land of white sand and blue waters. I'll do my best to catch up on my email as fast as possible.

Pensacola was great but the beach and the town continue to change. Traffic in town and on the beach is bad. The Mom and Pop motels and most of the cement block houses on the beach have disappeared. The beach houses that were wiped out in the hurricane are being replaced with Mc Mansions. High rise condos and hotels are popping up everywhere. Peg Leg Pete's, one of my favorite watering holes on the beach, has become favorite with everybody. Tried twice to get in for a beer and could not because of the dinner crowd. The Juke Box bar by the bridge that we frequented in 1954 is gone. Nobody even remembers the nickle Spearman's Ale.

I'm afraid my Redneck Riviera is becoming the Cou Rouge la Riviera.


Time and Tide!

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