Letter From The President


There has been a large volume of email within the last few weeks concerning the Naval Academy Alumni Association and the Naval Academy Foundation. The complaints and recommended corrections have varied. In general the issues involved have been the single-candidate slate in the 2005-2006 election, ambiguous bylaws, alumni representation, how best to select
the leadership, how the alumni should be served, communications with alumni,executive compensation, and the Alumni Association and Foundation organization.

The questions have received additional attention through an article in the Baltimore Sun and the efforts of the NAAAG organization. NAAAG has addressed letters to each trustee accusing
breach of duty, demanding resignation of the Association Chair, Vice Chair, and Past Chair, and threating legal action if the demands are not met.

Several classmates have engaged in a discussion on the class website and recommended that the Class of 1954 establish a position on these issues. I have also received emails from these
classmates urging a class position.

Classmates should be aware of these issues and as informed as possible if they they intend to take a position. I have attached a Fact Sheet that I believe provides a concise description of the issues and reasonable solutions/positions. Please read it carefully. I encourage each of you to inform yourself on these issues and to communicate your position to your area, class,
or chapter trustee. As a class president my access to the Board is the same as yours. We have a member to represent the 1950's classes. He is ADM Francis R. Donovan, '59,
frdonovan@mindspring.com). In addition there are four regional representatives.These are:

Central Region Trustee
CAPT Leonard R. Wass
'64, USNR (Ret.)

Eastern Region Trustee
CAPT William O. Rentz
'55, USN (Ret.)

Western Region Trustee
CAPT Stephen M. Andres
'67, USNR (Ret.)

Mid-Atlantic Region Trustee
CDR Michael J. Collins
'84, USNR


I do not believe that a class position is reasonable.I am sure there is a wide range of positions on these multiple issues among the members of our class. I will not step forward with a class position that many of you would not agree with and regardless of what class position was adopted, many would not agree.

The Class will not promulgate a Class Position.

I will take this opportunity to tell you were I stand.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, ADM Carl Trost, is one of the most distinguished and honorable men I have known. He is forthright.His integrity is unquestioned. He is a volunteer. He receives nothing to perform vital duties for the alumni and the Naval Academy. His ONLY interest is to serve the Naval Academy and the Alumni to the best of his ability. I SUPPORT HIM.

Regarding the issues I listed above and as discussed in the attached Fact Sheet, here are my positions.

1. 2005-2006 Nominating Committee. Disclosure irregularities by the first nominating committee cause the Chair to dissolve the committee to prevent a conflict of interest.

2. Single candidate slate The Governance Committee, selected by duly elected trustees made a ruling based on their interpretation of the Bylaws. If we want to change this then change the Trustees through the election process.

3. Ambiguous Bylaws Adm Trost has directed the Governance Committee to review & correct any Bylaws that are ambiguous. They are preparing a change that will be published for the fall 2007 meeting and voted on by the Trustees.

4. Alumni Representation on the BOT The present representation is fair and equable.

5, Choosing a Chair & Vice Chair. The Fact sheet has an excellent and compelling explanation.

6. Serving the Alumni I believe the Association is doing the job as well as any AA.

7. Executive Compensation The rumors the President makes over $500,000 are wrong. I have, personally,checked and know that his salary is far less than that. The setting of his salary is being handled properly.

8. USNAAA and Foundation Organization The Fact Sheet gives a complete rundown on the amalgamation.

9. The NAAAG They are way OFF BASE on their lawsuit.


Warm Regards,

George Zeberlein

Attach: Fact Sheet

Attach: Letter From the Superintendent


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