It's August Already!!!

It's August already!!!

No doubt you have all burned a few steaks on the backyard grill and managed to get a little suntan along the way this summer. It's been a good summer in Virginia in spite of a lack of rain. It's been cool enough to enjoy the deck in the evenings and Donna and I have watched a variety of birds that have frequented our bird feeders. We've seen families of Sparrows, Finch, Titmouse, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Chickadees, Hummingbirds, and Woodpeckers. We just added a feeder for Hummingbirds. Jim Bell wanders down in the evening occasionally and we enjoy a wee toddy, watching the birds, retelling old tales, and solving world problems.

All things considered it's been a great Virginia summer. I hope it's been as nice for you.

Virginia State Bird

Bill and Colleen Neel turned last month's Class Picnic in a great affair. Their home provides a perfect spot for the event and Bill and Colleen do a great job organizing the details. Our Class President George Z. has developed into quite a chef and provides 4.0 chicken barbque. If you can arrange to be in the Washington area next year I recommend you get a reservation.

The cake says it all

Our walking wounded list continues. Ernie Evans is in California and is undergoing 8 weeks of radiation treatment. Dick Boverie mentioned in his last email to me that he is having breathing problems. Steve Ramos just had a defibrillator/pacemaker installed. Bill Oberholzer has been moved to a hospice. I'm sure there are other problems out there but those are the ones I know of. - - - - Stay in touch, guys - classmates are forever.



Our 54 for 54 Reunion is getting closer. I calculate 312 days until we gather on Severn's Shores one more time ( Fitz, for you Marines that means the little hand on your watches will go around 7,488 times). I talked to Jon Hurt last night and wants to encourage all of you who indicated you would attend to sent in your first payment if you haven't already done so . For all of you that haven't indicated you will attend ---get your reservations in. Check Page ONE on the web site for info and your reservation form.

It's about time for me to check the birds maybe have a wee toddy. Wonder where Jim is?

See you at the 54th.


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