Ed Tipshus - From Little Rock

From Little Rock.

Will; I wonder just how many of us used Route 66 before it was discontinued? I used it in '55 to get to the West Coast from Chicago (it began at Grant Park in Chicago and ended in Santa Monica Pier in LA). I just went out and back on I-40 from Little Rock, and there are zillions of places along the way that advertise sections of old Route 66 (still in use) and museums, etc. Maybe you could blow the enclosed up as a memory jiggler on our web site.

My thanks to the classmates that recommended visits to Flagstaff, and the roller coaster drive into Red Rock Canyon to get to Sedona. 2000 feet down in about 10 miles on a 2 lane road. Almost as exciting as Coney Island in the old days! Since a similar mountain ride in Yellowstone last year, I learned to down gear and go easy on the brakes. Us "flatlanders" need to be reminded about mountain travel from time to time.

We are heading home, and i think i shall ignore the steering wheel for a couple of weeks (4500 miles - but you know, it is all done sitting on your duff).

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