Email From Bill Neel - N3N Model

Leo & I were talking about his N3N model at the farewell and I thought it a good idea to make the info available to the class on the net. He was not sure that the price he paid still pertains, but I called the 800 number and "Allen" said it was still the same price.

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Leo Orsino"
Date: 24 October 2007 5:42:11 PM
To: wneel@cox.net
Subject: N3N

Bill, here is a picture of the model I ordered in 2004 from the following company:

Motion Performance Parts, Inc.
Motion Models Co.
2141 N. University Drive #359
Coral Springs, Florida 33071-6134

PH: 1-800-866-3172

The description of the order is as follows:

Custom N-3-N Navy "Stearman"
With 15" Wingspan, Including
Wires, Floats, Stand and prepaid UPS

My cost was $375.00

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