Email from Conny Seagroves' Daughter

Dear Class of USNA54,

I hope that they years have been good to you and wonder about the health and well being of many of you. I mis-placed the information to sign on to your guest book, but figure this will do.

August 25, 2007 marked five years since my Dad (Conrad Seagroves) passed away. We buried my Dad on August 29, 2002. Dad's Navy classmates were an incredible blessing. Sadly, this year on August 29th, one of my brothers (Kevin) passed away. Kevin was in the Navy for a short bit. He loved to scuba dive and his ashes were scattered into the Gulf of Mexico.

I have been trying to keep my mind busy via many projects. Don Devine of the 1st Mob has sent out a request and I promised to help him get his message out. If you know of anyone that it would apply to or would help, please send it on.

Yours Ever Truly-
Jenny Seagroves Dunn

1st Mob Alumni Special Request

This message is going out to all 1st Mob Alumni who were in the Mob during the Vietnam war.

Hi Folks,

As you know, the Vietnam "Proof of Service" issue our members have with the VA is frustrating to say the least. We've devoted a whole section of our web site to provide informational help and support for folks. http://1stmob.com/pos.htm

Today, I've added an additional small web page to clarify the APO numbers with locations. This is sometimes confusing to folks, because the APO numbering scheme was changed during the Vietnam war to match the US Postal Service ZIP code scheme that started during the '60s.

In any case, the new web page is not complete. I thought this information would be readily available on the internet, and it may be, but after numerous searches, I couldn't find it. So, I decided to put together our own table, based on the information I did gather. I'm also counting on further input from you, the Alumni, from information that is on any TDY orders you may still have.

Please go to the new web page http://1stmob.com/APO%20Location_1.html and after checking any orders you might still have, please send me any additional entries for our table. If you have additional information, including APO numbers that I don't have listed, please email me with them.

I am also going to include in the database,the team numbers for further help with the VA. Although I'm not sure if I'll publish them on the internet. So, please send them along as well.

I do not need the orders themselves......... the job would be too massive, for me, to enter all that information into a database.....

I appreciate any information you can provide.



Don Devine

Email: don@1stmob.com

1st Mob/Comm Website: http://1stmob.com

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