Biography General Jerome F. O'Malley

From Al Casey,
For some time my son Patrick and I have been engaged in writing a biography of Jerry O'Malley and finally it has been published by The Air University Press. We do not profit from the sales or distribution of the book. The Air Force bore the cost of publication and they are handling its distribution. It is available free of charge to anyone (military or civilian) active or retired from government service. It can be ordered by going to the following web site and filling out the request form. If you prefer to order by phone call (334-953-2773).
The book is also available by free download at that site. It is a file of 7.58 MB in adobe format.
In addition, if a non government related person wanted to buy the book the Air University Press will take that order and ship the book. They have not yet put the price on the web site, since it has not yet been provided by the Government Printing Office. [Comparison with other books on the site indicates it will be $ 25 to $ 30.]
O'Malley was involved in the "Lavelle Raids" and Patrick pressed hard to unravel that story through both the Nixon Tapes and formerly Top Secret JCS message traffic. The key conclusions on that and other features of the O'Malley story are:
  • Lavelle was improperly fired for exceeding his authority.
  • The senior officials in the chain of command abandoned him for reasons related to their own self-interest.
  • O’Malley’s career was broad in terms of Air Force service and spanned the critical years of the Cold War from Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech to Reagan’s era. In one sense it represented many officers and enlisted who stayed the course for the cold, and at times, hot war.
  • O’Malley was dedicated to the highest integrity for the officer corps but he was often tested in the real world of military operations.
  • O’Malley’s CT-39 was said to be the best maintained aircraft in the Air Force but there was a failure to use the standard practice of logging faults in the Form 781A that obscured incipient brake failure traceable to an overhaul at Andrews A FB in January of 1985.
  • The CT-39 design which required that only one pilot kick the pedals in the emergency mode (otherwise the action was nullified) may have contributed to the catastrophic result.
Al Casey

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