Starbucks Comes to Navy

In their ongoing efforts to improve King Hall and the food service provided to the Brigade of Midshipmen, Midshipman Food Services Division (MFSD) welcomes Naval Bagels and Starbucks to the Yard.

''We started tossing around ideas about what we could bring in to offer something different in King Hall,'' said Lt. Cmdr. Debra Rogers, Midshipman Food Service Officer. ''We noted that Naval Bagels and Starbucks are popular amongst Midshipmen, so we began working the details out.''

Rogers said MFSD wanted to offer the Mids something different of better quality and better acceptability with their meal. The two services are included in the rations the Mids receive at no additional cost.

''Starbucks and Naval Bagels are names everyone knows, and we anticipate them both to be very popular,'' said Rogers. ''It’s an improvement on parts of a meal that can make or break your day. It should improve morale about King Hall.''

Naval Bagels began serving on Sundays on Nov. 11, and Starbucks is slated to replace the current coffee bar on Dec. 3.

''There are similar things to this in wardrooms and mess decks across the Fleet and we want to bring the similarity of the experience here,'' said Rogers. ''This place should be no different. We consider ourselves USS Bancroft, and we are aligning with the Fleet to help get the Mids in line with what to expect and to improve morale.''

According to Rogers, Naval Bagels and Starbucks are just a few of many additions to come.

''Everyone talks about it and it’s really a good move by those leading us,'' said Midn. 3⁄C Samantha Hollaway. ''It has boosted morale about King Hall, brings more people to breakfast, and in the end makes us happy.''

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