Class of 54 Snowbird 2008 Golf and Social Event

Class of 54 Snowbird 2008 Golf and Social event is scheduled to take place Tuesday to Thursday, February 19th-21st 2008 at Patrick AFB near Cocoa Beach Florida. Dick Cherry is making arrangements.For the golfers, there will be a golf tournament at the Manatee Cove Golf Club on the Patrick Air Force Base. For the non-golfing attendees, daytime events will be planned, possibly a tour of the nearby Space Center and other attractions. For all attendees, there will be planned evening socials and dinners on the 19th and 20th.

What we need is the following information ASAP, preferably before 24 January:
1. Your intention to attend or not and with whom,
2. Your intention to play golf and your handicap. Also, please include any ladies who would be willing to play with the guys or would only play separately,
3. Your intention to attend social/dinner events on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
4. Your interest in joining daytime events instead of golf (Space Center, etc,),
5. Accommodation needs, hotel/motel nearby or, for those eligible (DoD retirees) for available on-base visitor quarters.
6. Please forward this to any classmates or their widows whom we may have missed in this email.

+++++Please send your answers to these questions to Dick Cherry, Tom Watson, Frank Caroccio and Les Huffman ASAP, so we can begin making arrangements to assure this is a memorable and fun event++++

Thanks...apologise for the late notice.

Best regards,

Tom Watson

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