Dark Ages

The dark ages are upon us.

Virginia is suppose to be a deep freeze tomorrow and my furnace went out last night. Have you ever notice that furnaces fail on the coldest day of the year and air conditioners alway fail on the hottest day of the summer. I wonder why that is. You would think that random failures could occur at any time. Could be this just happens to me since I have never really explored the subject with my friends. I just had coffee with my Koffee Klatch this morning and none of them mentioned that their furnaces went out last night. Any of you guys have your furnace go out last night?

This Furnace thing is sort of like swimming class at the boat school. My company (2) always seemed to get swimming class in February and always had it just after some other class so we had to wear white works and reefers as we marched across the yard in the dead of winter. By the time we got back to the pool my legs ( and other parts of my body) were numb and navy blue. No wonder I became a legend in my own time when it came to swimming skills.

February is always a bright spot in the Dark Ages. I have a birthday then and Valentines day is always an event. My wife always remembers with a sentimental valentine for me and I always remember to get her a box of candy. Years ago in Coronado when I was dating her she lived with several other school teachers. Valentine day came and the others in her house all received candy from their dates. I only gave Donna a card. BIG mistake! I've never made it again!

The big event to look forward to is out 54th Reunion. Our committee has really come up with a spectacular package. This may be our last big bash but it will be one to be remembered. The last evening is set aside for company parties. I have worked with Jim Bell and Marion Schlenzig to set up an event for the First and Second Companies at the Fleet Reserve Club.

Use the Class Web Site ( http://54net.org ) to get the word out on company parties. If you want me to post information email me at willyaye@cox.net. You can find a list of who is attending the reunion, listed by company, on Page ONE.

Don't forget to send in your final payment for the reunion. Bill Land knows where you live!

Don't forget that the Class Website “54Net” is now at http://54net.org. I have removed the password requirement for the class directory so it is readily available. One aspect of the site that only Wally Anderson seems to have discovered is that you can make comments on any posting on Page ONE. If you think Dick Raymond's poem of the month is great , click the comment link and say so in you comment.

Tax time is just around the corner. I start my second year as a Tax Counselor for the ARRP Tax Aide program. I learned about the program from a post by Mac Daily a couple of years ago. The program provides free tax preparation for low-middle income families. It's a nice way to give something back and to keep your tax skills sharp.

Jim Bell is in Mexico now. I'm pressing my congressman to secure the border before he comes back.

Keep the faith, you few, you happy few.

Sign the Log.

Beat Army,

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