Updates for our Website

Updates are coming for our website

The URL for the site will change from "http://usna54.net" to "http://54net.org" and hosting of the site will change from Dreamhost to Google. Both "net54.org" and "usna54.net" will work until 27 January but after 27 January only http://54net.org will work. You may notice some missing images as the switch is made , but bear with me and we will get it all worked out.

The only action require by you is to change the address in your browser from http://usna54.net to http://54net.org.

I'm making the change to utilize the services offered by goggle, which reduces the time I have to spend on the site, and to reduce the cost of maintenance.

Because of this change we have a page you can use as your home page on your browser. Go to http://www.start.54net.org to view a Google start page modified for Net54. Change the home page in your browser to this and you can start each internet session with the class from this home page.

If you would like a USNA54 Google account drop me an email and I set it up and notify you when it's ready. It will provide you with a 54Net email address so let me now what you would like in the form "yourname @54net.org" . The USNA54 Google account will allow you to change the start.54net.org page as you desire.

Best of all - it's all free!

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