Jose Cabanillas

Received the following from Jim Zimmerman

"A note of sadness: Jose Cabanillas (lives in Orange Park, FL near Jacksonville and comes on a regular basis to the VA hospital, here in Gainesville) was admitted to the VA hospital last week with conditions of "delirium" and a urinary track infection. His wife, Dot, called us to tell us the news and again when he was released yesterday 2/16/08 (usually they visit for coffee and a brief chat when they come over). I called him at home twice, talked with Dot and his daughter Mindy . The entire family is there, hopefully he will call me back when he can. For those of you who don't know, Jose contracted a severe illness while at sea in the early 70s, was hospitalized for 18 months recovery in the Bethesda Naval Hospital and received a medical discharge before he could retire. I will let you all know of any follow-up I may hear."

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