Julio Andrade - A Plea for Help

There is a problem and the answer will have to involve a number of us. Many of you will remember Julio Andrade -- our classmate from Ecuador, a member of 12th Company and very active in the Brigade. To my knowledge he played varsity soccer all four years.

After graduation, Julio went back to Ecuador and spent a career in the Ecuadorian Navy. That "career" though did not involve enough time for Julio to qualify for retirement from the Navy. In recent years, he moved his family to Costa Rica where he worked for (or with) the United Fruit Company selling bananas and fruit in the States. Unfortunately, last May he died in Costa Rica and his death has left his family (wife and children) in dire straits. Another Academy alumnus, Claudio Pacheco, Class of '64, who knew Julio and his family well in San Jose, alerted us to their precarious state.

Claudio tells us that they are living on less than $200 a month and with the cost of living in San Jose, they really need another $200-$250 per month to make ends meet. When we first learned of the situation, several generous souls stepped up and we sent a one-time payment to Olga, Julio's widow, of several hundred dollars. That is not the longer term solution for a number of reasons, however. Claudio suggests 15-20 classmates donating ten or fifteen dollars per month would probably be all that would be required in the near term. So that is what we are asking for -- 15-20 guys to step up and send Jim Bell a check for $10-15 dollars each month and he will take care of getting it to Costa Rica. Jim sent me a verse that says "If you've got a problem that can be solved with money, you don't have a problem." Jim feels that the problem may be exemplified by this verse. Any contributions to Julio's family would be most appreciated.


"Booge" Stevenson,
Class of' 54 12th Company classmate of Julio

Classmates can send donations by check to:

Jim Bell
7102 Sussex Pl
Alexandria, Va 22307

or if you have a PayPal Account to dorabell@cox.net

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Anonymous said...

Re: Julio

Will, I have a question regarding the mentioned financial need.

What are the ages of Julio's children? I would assume they would be of an age that they could contribute to their mother's needs.