Observations on My 76th

Today I am 76.

It seems that someone who has seen 76 birthdays should have some observations on ageing and life, but try as
I may I can think of no experiences or knowledge that I have accumulated that needs to be passed on to the next generation. I guess this is because we are dumped into this life with no knowledge and very few instincts to guide us. I grew up and went to school, became a Boy Scout, dated girls, went to the Naval Academy, and did a million and one other things just because they happened to lay in my path. At some point - well into my life I began to plan and follow a selected path, but of a lot of my years - just happened.

What this says to me is that life must be amazingly simple otherwise how could a babe born with no knowledge even come close to surviving 76 years and ending up with a fairly successful life. On the other hand if life is so simple how come so many people succeed in screwing it up.

For those of you who have yet to see your 76th birthday, maybe you can come up with something more appropriate to pass on.

For the rest of you - have a good day and avoid deep thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Will, Congratulations on # 76. You have had a very meaningful life and through the creation of our class website you have given classmates, like me, much enjoyment.
Wally Anderson

Anonymous said...

All is not vanity! It's just attitude Bro. Remember, that even when you are being run out of town, get to the head of the mob so it looks like you're leading a parade!! And no more "lite" beer as it shows in your comments! Pilsner Urquell equates to "everything Will(will) come up roses by "54" reunion time old buddy!! Charlie Shelton, 13th,Co.