54 Net Labels

We have made changes to the web site again.

If you look on the right hand side of Page ONE you will see a heading "54Net Labels". This lists "labels" that have been applied to certain posts. This was added make it easier to find posts made in the past. For example if you want to recall a poem submitted by our esteemed class poet, Dick Raymond, just click on "Poem" and you will get a page of poems. - Neat, huh?

Give it a try.

There several hundred post going back to 2006 and my staff has not had time to label all the old posts. It's hard to get good help these days! I will ensure they utilize this technolgy starting now.

There is another way to get to old posts. If you look farther down the page you will see a heading "Net54 Page ONE Archive". This lists ever post made on Page ONE since 2006. For example if you click on January under 2008 you will get the 18 posts made in January 2008. So simple a caveman could do it!

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