Death of Classmate - Dennis R. Trone - 21

Received the following from Raley Thomley

Dennis R. Trone was killed in an airplane crash 5:00 PM, Monday, May 5, 2008, at the airport in Brodhead, WI. The information as of now is now much, except witnesses said that he was on base to final when his airplane stalled and spun. Brodhead Airport has grass strips with fourteen hangers, three of which Denny had for his antiques. He was flying one of his replicas when he crashed. Funeral arrangements have not been announced yet, but it is anticipated that his funeral will be on Friday in his "hometown" of Rushville, IL. The airport manager told me that Denny made Brodhead "Hum, making it a scene for antiques known worldwide."

Following graduation and his marriage to Libby Fiola, he strapped the wings of his WACO to the fuselage and towed it to the West Coast for his first duty station. Libby remarked that at times on the trip, their old Nash could hardly pull the airplane up the hills and mountains.

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