Death of a Class Mate - Captain Ralph A Turner USN Ret 22

Bill Land received the following email:

Dear Mr. Land,

I am writing for my father, Ralph A. Turner, Jr. He was a member of the class of 1954, and he was interested in this weekend's reunion of the class of 1954. I am very sorry to tell you that my father died suddenly on Sunday, June 1, while on vacation with three of his children in Estes Park, Colorado. In fact, my father had been at our rental house for just three hours when he began experiencing shortness of breath. He died in just a few minutes in spite of our attempts at CPR and rescue breathing; the paramedics and doctors also tried to revive him for fifty minutes. Needless to say, this loss is devastating for us; our mom, June Turner, died just two years ago, and all of us are still learning to live without her, and now we have lost our father. The Naval Academy was very important to him as were the life-long friendships that he made there and in the Navy. I hope you will receive this email in time to tell his friends about his death and to remind him of how much he valued the Navy and his colleagues. May I ask you for an email confirmation of this message?

Most sincerely,Elizabeth Turner

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