O once we were filled with emotion,
Hands clasped, and with tears in our eyes–
We chorused “the Gem of the Ocean”,
And praised all our clear, spacious skies,
As tots in the classroom we learned them,
Great songs, and they fused to our core,
Our ancestors surely had earned them,
O why don’t we sing them once more?

What’s happened to love of our banner,
The star-spangled red, white and blue?
Too many, in cynical manner,
Spit and sneer, when it comes into view–
The words of our Anthem are mumbled,
Forgotten, but half-understood,
How few stand, salute, meekly humbled
By thoughts of the patriots’ blood?

O mothers of new generations,
O fathers who answered the call,
Who selflessly served, to save nations,
Hear this, as a challenge to all:
Go, teach your dear children to sing them
With full comprehension and pride,
Impart your own spirits, and bring them
To know why our ancestors died!

RR 7-4-08

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Anonymous said...

Dick, That is beautiful! A big Thank You! Dick Hollenbach