"NO MEAT ON THE TABLES" Our Poet's August Submission

(Tune: "Winchester Cathedral")

"The Commandant of Midshipmen, CAPT Margaret Klein, herself a
practicing vegetarian, has decreed that red meat is not a suitable diet
for the midshipmen's mess, and ordered it stricken from the menu."
-- News Item

"No meat on the tables!"
The Commandant rules--
Now middies must munch on
Raw oats like the mules. [badum-badum-bum]

"No meat on the tables!"
For varsity teams,
"No victories, either!",
A chorus of screams. [badum-badum-bum]

"Red meat isn't healthy, [badum}
That isn't my wish-- [badum-bum-bum]
I'll build up those rundown forms
With good old turkey, chicken and fish!"

"No meat on the tables!"
Boy, that takes the cake--
Next Sunday let's feed 'em
On Maggie-rump steak!

[O bodie-o-do,
O bodie-o-do,
O bodie-o body o' dough! POW!]

RR 7-20-08

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is almost too stupid to believe BUT if it's so the Supt should fire her butt - and if Fowler is in on the deal poooo on him.He should go too for lack of gumption. I knew that nothing good would come of selecting this female for Commandant. Maybe I'll reduce me contribution to the Foundation this year. Who wants to support this kind of crappy leadship of the Brigade? OV Shearer