RR Goes R Rated - Our Poet's Latest

[Tune: The old familiar Stephen C. Foster melody]

"Armed forces chiefs may soon be faced with large discipline
and morale problems, if incoming President Obama keeps
his campaign promise to abolish the 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy." -- News item

The sun shines bright on the [insert suitable name] Naval Base,
'Tis summer, the sailors are g... [delete inappropriate sexual preference]
The Captain's steamed, as they throw it in his face,
While the chiefs just look the other way.
Chorus: Sweep no more, my laddie,
O sweep no more today--
You may skip dull chores as you frolic out of doors,
For the "closet's" open, hey-hey-hey.

No question's banned, you may tell 'em all you like,
They won't want to know what you may tell--
For females, too, they don't dare call one a d... [erase derogatory term]
But old salts moan, "Navy's gone to hell."
Chorus: Peep no more, inspector,
For fear of what you'd see--
The compartment's dark, if you listen you may hark
To the sounds of active s... [strike out all after active].

RR 12-1-08

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