Notitia ex ordo - Ed Tipshus

Received the following email with the photo above from Ed Tipshus


Things get boring every now and then. Years ago I decided to stop chasing squirrels away from our bird feeders, and started to feed them instead. They like the Virginia peanuts that we put out every morning by our kitchen window. After a few years, that also got boring. Some squirrels got tame, and they would not run off when we went out on our patio. So, one thing led to another, and it was decided to do a little training.
Squirrels are quite intelligent, and learn easily. They need reinforcement and usually some corm kernel hearts or peanuts do the trick. Some take to military training. The most difficult part is getting a well trained squirrel to take a medal instead of a peanut for a job well done. But, it can be done. See attached photo.


WebMaster's Note: Ed is not the one in uniform in the picture

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