Heavenly Father, we thank You and praise You for the singular blessing of a life in the USA---a life like no other, founded on Your Word, protected and prospered by Your hand, for 233 years. You have protected us against all enemies---both those outside and inside our borders. We pray that You will continue to favor our country in its time of greatest need, as we are now besieged unlike any other time in our history.

Help us meet and conquer the challenge of terrorism which seeks to destroy our great nation from without. Please guide and give wisdom to our leaders in their efforts to protect us against this new and deadly threat. This challenge is different from any our nation has ever faced and is a very demanding one, still it pales when compared to those we face from within.

Lord, we earnestly need Your help and guidance with the peril now confronting our financial and market systems. They are both now functioning in a crisis mode---our government continues to squander money trying to “bail out” failed businesses without a plan or without much (if any) forethought. The current reckless spending is not only having a detrimental impact on our successful businesses and current investment strategies, it is placing the future of our entire economy in jeopardy. Rewarding non-success at the expense of successful enterprises IS NOT the American way---just as You do not reward sinners at the expense of the righteous. Father, we need your immediate help in restoring some sense of reality and wisdom in the minds of our servants in Washington.

The most important problem facing this great nation---by far---is its struggle to maintain You in our life. We beseech You to show maximum mercy and support for the USA--- as this problem shakes the very foundation of its existence---the Christian principles and traditions on which the founding fathers based our Constitution. Please help us prevent further erosion of our freedoms by the Courts. We have already witnessed the removal of Your Name from our schools, our government offices and other public places---the Name which has made the USA the great nation that it is. We have also seen some of Your basic Laws violated or reversed by our courts. Please, Father help us not only stop the erosion of Your Name, Your Laws, and our faith in You, but help us restore the moral, spiritual and courageous work-ethic which has made the USA the envy of the world.

We further pray that You will inspire and encourage that great “silent majority” to rise up in faith and help take back our country. WE ARE THE MAJORITY!! And it is past time that we started acting like it! We pray this prayer in the name of all American Christians and those who cherish the freedom, traditions and principles which we enjoy and have come to take for granted. We also pray this prayer in the name of Jesus, the Son of God, so that You Both can be worshiped openly, without persecution, as has been tradition since our country’s birth. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

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Anonymous said...

Wayne, Thank you very much for your well said prayer.

Wally Anderson