Class of 2013 Oath of Office Ceremony

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Naval Academy website will host live, online streaming video of the Class of 2013 Oath of Office Ceremony Wednesday, July 1 beginning at 6 p.m. from Tecumseh Court on the Academy’s campus. The video broadcast can be viewed from www.usna.edu.

Approximately 1,230 young men and women will take the Oath of Office as the culmination of the Academy’s Induction day when they begin their new lives as “plebes” or midshipmen fourth class (freshmen).

“I-Day” marks the first day of Plebe Summer, which prepares these carefully selected civilians and prior enlisted military service members for the challenges of midshipman life at the Academy. “I-Day” begins when the incoming plebes are issued uniforms, given medical examinations, complete registration, have their hair cut and learn to salute. After taking the Oath of Office that evening, the plebes will say goodbye to their family and friends, and commence the six weeks of Plebe Summer training.

For more information about I-Day, visit http://www.usna.edu/PAO/Idayvpk09/. For more information about the Naval Academy, visit www.usna.edu.

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