It's been more than half a century since we met at Quantico--
Brash and bumptious Gyrene second johns, in the very long ago,
Though some had been through Boot Camp, most were newly in the Corps,
All were solidly determined to uphold the Oath we swore.

So we sat in steamy classrooms, learning weapons, tactics, maps,
How to work communications, while avoiding foemen's traps,
And we sweated on the ranges, firing "Expert" was our goal,
As the creed "Marines are riflemen" was stamped on every soul.

Now the shades of evening gather round what's left of "Sixty-four",
Though the Few, the Proud, still muster, some will muster nevermore--
Yet in the corners of our minds we're still as young and bold,
Sea-stories pass, we clink a glass, toast the Scarlet and the Gold.

6-25-09 RR "Semper Fi, Ed"

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