Minutes for the Initial Planning Meeting For USNA '54 San Diego Reunion

The initial planning meeting for the USNA ’54 2011San Diego reunion was held on 17 August at 4:00PM in Ed Martin’s home in Coronado. The following members of the class were present

Larry Burkhardt

Ed Martin

Dave Campbell

Bill (Cutter) Robinson)

Gig Connaughton

Bob Rogers

Bud Foster

Poolie Watson

Phil Graessle

The meeting began with a word of appreciation to the attendees. In the spirit of the class, all who were contacted to join in the planning attended. A particular thanks was extended to Bob Rogers who drove down from Pasadena for the occasion. The following agenda was presented:


  • Set date

  • Brainstorm issues and possible events

    • Hotel accommodations

    • Determine approximate number of attendees

    • Banquet

    • Other “group events”

  • Golf

  • Tours/ sightseeing

  • Transportation

  • Favors

  • Cost estimates/Budget development

  • Committee formulation

  • Time-line development

  • Other issues

The foremost issue for this meeting was to set a date. Considering the various competing activities of the year and the cool weather in San Diego in July as one motivation to attend, the dates of the reunion were established to be from Thursday, 14 July to Sunday, 17 July 2011.

Contact will be made with the Class hierarchy in Annapolis to determine the approximate number of attendees we can expect. ----Ed Martin .

It was decided to investigate the various hotels in the downtown, waterfront area of San Diego focusing on the Manchester Grand Hyatt, the Embassy Suites, and the Holiday Inn, Embarcadero. Ed Martin has the lead to determine the best/most cost effective package. Investigate other possible options such as one of the Navy Lodges in the area.

Venues for the Saturday banquet were proposed: the USS MIDWAY Maritime Museum, a dinner/dance harbor cruise on one of several cruise companies, and the San Diego Aerospace Museum. Saturday will be a free day except for the main evening event.

Other group events proposed were: welcome no-host cocktail party Thursday evening at the hotel, Friday lunch cruise (if the banquet is not held on a harbor cruise ship), Company parties on Friday evening, memorial service for classmates who have gone before us..

It was decided not to have an organized golf event.

With the wide variety of world class sightseeing venues and tours available in the San Diego area, it was decided to allow ample free time. Information packages will be procured and distributed well before the reunion dates.

As a major cost-saver, no buses will be incorporated in the planning. With the principle activities being planned for the downtown waterfront area most events will be within easy walking, Pedi cab or taxi distances.

Favors will be minimized with an attractive, logo enhanced pen being suggested. ---Cutter Robinson and Dave Campbell.

Investigate the possibility and magnitude of a contribution from the class to help underwrite costs. Estimates and budget to be determined when basic factors are determined.

Time-line development will be subject of next meeting as well as committee assignments.

A survey to determine the number of classmates and family members/guests who would expect to attend will be made prior to the next meeting. An October time frame is anticipated.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 P.M.

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