Class of ‘54 Widows Yearbook Project

Bill Crawford has asked me to put out the following quick summary and update of the Class of ‘54 Widows Yearbook Project, along with a suggestion from him related to that project----

In November of 2006 a Class of ‘54 Widows’ Yearbook Fund was unofficially set up by contributions from various class members (with exceedingly generous contributions from Steve Ramos and the late P.X. O’Neil), for the purpose of mailing out copies of our fiftieth anniversary yearbook to the widows of those classmates who died subsequent to the setting up of the Fund, who didn’t already have copies of the book.

$2770 was collected when starting the fund. At that time, the sixty copies of the books still remaining at Turner Publishing were purchased. Bill Crawford handled the collection of the money and the purchase of the books. He has also handled the mailing out of the books. As of September 2009, twenty nine books have been mailed out . In about June of this year, with the concurrence of the original contributors, five hundred dollars from the Widows’ Yearbook Fund was turned over to Fitz Woodrow in support of a separate private fund effort on his and Jim Bell’s part to financially help out the widow of our late classmate, Julio Andrade, who is in a precarious financial situation in Costa Rica .

At present, about $350 remains in the Widows’ Yearbook Fund. When the remainder of the books have been mailed out, all monies remaining in the Fund will be turned over to the Class General Fund.

As mentioned above, Bill mails out the copies of the books to the wives of the deceased classmates.

He has made the following suggestion related to these mailouts.

If, upon the death of a classmate, there is someone who was especially close to that classmate (roommate, etc) who would particularly want to be the one to send out the copy of our 50th Anniversary Yearbook to that deceased classmate’s wife on behalf of the Class, that person could let Bill know by E-mail and Bill would send along the book to him for further mailout to the deceased classmate’s wife. Otherwise, Bill would mail out the book himself, as per usual.

Bill’s E-Mail address is: williamcrawford1236@comcast.net

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