Death of a ClassMate - Ronald J. Kloyda 4th Co

I am passing on this information which I just received concerning the death of Ronald J. Kloyda, a former classmate of ours. He was a plebe roommate of mine in the 4th company. Born on 20 June 1930 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and died on 9 August 2009 in New Brighton, Minnesota. He was preceded in death by a brother, Devere and is survived by his wife, Dianne (Ginger), his Daughters, Lynn Kloyda and Beth Peterson, as well as his Grandchildren, Casey, Katie, Luke, William, Henry, and Kennedy. His interment was at the Gethsemane Cemetery in New Hope, Minnesota.

He will be missed.

Olive (Ollie) Hines
Col. USAF, Ret.

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