Email from Bill Crawford

Will, Here is a neat picture of my little grandson Jay and me in our Navy sweatshirts. He really loves his sweatshirt. He insisted that we go by the local Navy Recruiting Station (which he calls the Navy Store) so that he could show the Chief his new sweatshirt. --Bill

By the way, Will, you might want to mention that if anybody wants to order a Midshipman Issue Sweatshirt for himself (as opposed to a small one for his grandson) that he can do so over the phone directly from the Midshipmen Store (410-293-2393). The lady to talk to is named Mary Ann. Apparently, there is no longer a requirement to be a Life member of the Alumni Association in oder to order stuff directly from the Midshipmen Store over the phone, only that one be an Alumnus. Mary Ann is a very nice gal, and the Issue Sweatshirt is very well made. They are cut on the roomy side. I am 5' 8" , 170 lbs and a size Large fits me easily, with a little room to spare. As I recall, the price of the Midshipman Issue sweatshirt is about thirty bucks. --Bill

The small replicas for grandkids costs about $18.00

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