Protestant Committal Service for CDR Harry "Jauncey" Sweet III, USN Ret.

There will be a Protestant Committal Service on Monday, 30 November 2009 at 1300 in the USNA Cemetery for CDR Harry “Jauncey” Sweet III, USN (Ret), Class of 1954.

A reception will be held at the Naval Academy Club afterwards.

Directions to the USNA Cemetery
for Security Approved Cars

Everyone over the age of 16, must have a valid, up to date photo ID.

* Take Route 50 East towards the Bay Bridge.

* Take exit #24. Route 70 Rowe Blvd/Bestgate Road/Annapolis. Bear right. This will put you on Rowe Blvd. The Maryland State House will be in front of you.

* Turn left at second light. This is Taylor Avenue.

* Go through blinking light at the firehouse. Road comes to a stop sign, but you will not stop. You will bear right and then merge into the left lane. (Left lane goes through light-this is what you want!!! Right lane turns right—not what you want!)

* Go through stop light at King George Street. Go about a block to the stop light at Gate 8. You will turn right into the Academy. Identify yourself as family attending the service of Harry Jauncey Sweet. The Sentry will check your photo ID and allow you direct access to the Yard.

*Continue down Bowyer Road till just past the jet and observatory. Turn left onto Phythian Road (this points the way to the Medical Clinic also.)

Do NOT cross the bridge! As you go up Phythian, the road will divide in 3…..take the right-most road into the Cemetery. This is Cushing Road. Look for tent, table, and chairs. You may park along the curb near the grave.

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