Salty Sam Reports from the ND Game

Received the following email from Dick Hartley aka Salty Sam

Will, Jodi and I were there!!! My host was a friend and ND grad, and my enthusiasm might have colored our friendship forever. It was amazing to be in the stadium with 84,000 ND fans and about 1,000 Navy fans cheering their lungs out. I must say, the ND fans were very respectful of our excitement, and the campus was one of the most beautiful I have seen. Their sports complex is easily the largest I have ever seen. Separate buildings for basketball, hockey, football, and multiple fields for multiple sports. Amazing. But back to the game. Jodi and I couldn't believe our eyes as Navy kept scoring and stopping ND. That safety was the real show stopper. The Navy team had to be outweighed by 50 pounds each on the line, not to mention the size and speed of their receivers. It was a real triumph, and it may have sealed Charlie Weis's fate there. The blogs and papers are all abuzz with the possibilities. In any case, we had a ball, and I know the plane ride back for the team had to be a rollicking one. Beat Army! Dick

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