Dick Raymond's February Poem

(Tune: "Ben Bolt") *

O don't you remember that Wild Man, "Ben Bolt",
He silently slid from his chair,
He sneaked up behind you and gave you a jolt
With Rice Krispies smeared in your hair--
"I'm a Wild Man! A Wild Man!" he shrieked with delight,
Pouring syrup and milk on your head,
With you in pursuit he sought safety in flight,
As back to his table he sped.

But now February's the Wild Man of fate,
He rubs salt and sand on your scalp,
You shovel the sidewalk from front porch to gate,
And no use at all to cry "Haaa-aa-alp!!"
The groundhog has "spoken", this winter shall last
Another six weeks, at the least--
You stare out the window, weeks slowly slip past,
As you mumble and cuss the Brown Beast.

RR 2-6-10

*I don't really expect that any classmate knows the tune to the
sappy old song "Ben Bolt", but it was popular in the 1840's,
and briefly appeared in the movie "Gone With the Wind"

Webmaster's Note - You can listen to the original Ben Bolt at

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