A Great Way to Celebrate the Fourth!

Received the following from Bill Crawford

We just got back from our best neighborhood 4th of July Parade EVER.

We had our two daughters and their husbands and nine of our little grandkids, plus Mary and I in the parade, with all the grandkids decked out with flags, pennants, etc and riding on bicycles, in wagons and on scooters. Before the start of the parade, all of the parade goers gathered in the front yard of the lady who organized the parade. She had tents set up with goodies for all. They had patriotic music booming on speakers set up all around the yard. When I arrived, they played a beautiful medley of the Naval Academy Glee club singing Anchors Aweigh, The Marines’ Hymn, etc.

It really brought tears to my ears. Before the morning was over, they had played that Naval Academy Glee Club medley a total of THREE times (at my request).

The parade itself went around our race track-shaped street, and it was filled with kids, parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, all dressed up in patriotic colors, carrying flags, etc. As usual, the parade was led by a motorcycle patrolman with his siren blaring.

The most impressive flag of the day was a large American flag streamed across the front of the headquarters tent, with the words United We Strand emblazoned on it.

All in all, it was really a great way to celebrate the 4th.

HAPPY Fourth of July to Everybody!!!

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