Another ring story for you - From Anne Jordan

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Another ring story for you! Unfortunately it did not make it in time for the spring edition of “Shipmate”. Be sure to read it - it has some great ring stories in it. However, while I was reading an earlier edition of “Shipmate” the phone rang. Caller ID read “USNA Alumni Association”. How eerie is that? Was big brother watching? Do they want contributions for the slush fund? It was Timothy Woodbury from the USNA Ring Bank calling to tell me a ring had been found in the Gulf of Mexico. It was from the class of 1954 and inscribed with “Lt. Stephen Jordan”. I do recall Steve (most of you knew him as Louie Jordan – 22nd Co.) mentioning that he had lost his second ring in the Gulf. The finder was a professional treasure hunter and actually makes a living that way. The ring was found about 150 feet off shore near Treasure Island in the St. Petersburg, FL area using an underwater metal detector. Mike, the finder, asked a friend to see if she could do a little detective work to find the owner. After sending several emails and a picture of the ring, the ring was returned to me. An offer was made to clean the ring but I wanted the ring “as is” – barnacles and all! It was lost in 1960! You do the math. To add more irony to the story the discovery occurred on the 10th anniversary of Steve’s death. What happened to the first ring? It had been stolen from the top of his bureau in Gitmo. I wonder what my chances are of hearing from the Alumni Association again? Fidel or Raul - time’s up, please remit one class of 1954 ring.

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