65th Reunion - Annapolis- 24-27 April 2019

65th Reunion - Annapolis- 24-27 April 2019

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You can make reservations at Hotel Annapolis by- by calling 800-526-2593 and asking for USNA Class of 1954. rate


The following classmates and wives  have bad email addresses listed in the Class Directory and have been deleted from class emails. 

If  you have contact with them ask that they forward a valid email address to  Jack Wildman

EugeneG.ANDERSON                              cam.wize@verizon.net
JackR.ANDERSON                                   jrda1560@comcast.net
RobertC.AUSTIN                                     RCAustinva@aol.com
JohnS.BRENNAN                                      jbrennan@crrkc.com
WalterB.FRICKMrs.                                 dfrick@donobi.net
GeorgeS.HIRSCHMrs.                              gsh5325@aol.com
JamesA.LEACHMrs.                                 leachrita@comcast.net
KentA.McKNIGHTMrsk                              amcknight@charter.net
StanleyJ.MICHAELMrs.                             SMich77737@AOL.com
ThomasH.MILLEN                                    JaneToms@aol.com
DavidL.MILLER                                        Zezula@aol.com
RichardL.OLSON                                      RLO54@juno.com
JohnD.PHILLIPSMrs.                                 JKPJDP@AOL.Com
WilliamJ.ROACH                                      fats641954@yahoo.com
BernardF.STORCK                                     Storck54@comcast.net
PaulD.STROOP                                         mikestroop@knology.net
PaulE.TREAGYMrs.                                   Treagy@aol.com

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