Centennnial Celebration of Naval Aviation in 2011

As part of the Centennial Celebration of Naval Aviation in 2011, the City of Coronado, CA plans to place a placard on the front lawn of every residence in the town that has ever been occupied by a Naval or Marine Aviator.  (A sample placard appears below.) 
Each sign will have a unique number which will correspond to a map with the location of all the homes and a listing of brief biographical information about each aviator.  Any residence with multiple aviators in its past will get a single sign, but each aviator will be identified in the information sheet for that house. 
Any aviator who has ever lived in Coronado is encouraged to submit his name, rank, address, aviator number, and any biographical information to WCren@SBCGlobal.net.  Anyone who lived in more than one residence is invited to list all of the addresses.  (The e-mail address is that of Rob Crenshaw '66, who is working on the project for the Coronado Historical Association.) 
The placards will be put in place in February, and will remain until next September.

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