Details regarding Boogie's Services Received from his daughter, Kathryn

Hi folks,
Below are the schedule and directions for getting to my dad's service on Tuesday, January 25 (9 am start). Note that the security guard that I spoke to last week recommends that non-military folks arrive at a Ft. Myer security gate by 8 am to ensure timeliness. Apparently the gates get busy in the morning and unless you have the proper military credentials, every person in the car will need to show a photo ID (e.g., driver's license) and the car will be inspected. That combined with normal DC traffic and possible snow makes it a good idea to get there early. If you are late for whatever reason, ask the security guards where you should go in order to catch up.
The schedule is as follows:
  • 9 am - Service at the Ft Myer Old Post Chapel
  • 9:20 - End of service; procession forms (each car will need to obtain a pass from security in order to return through the Chapel gate when Columbarium service is over...this is preferable if attending the reception and you wish to avoid repeating the security check at a major gate)
  • 9:30 (approx) - Procession heads to Columbarium in Arlington National Cemetery
  • 9:35-9:45 (approx) - Service at Columbarium; at its conclusion, those with a pass may return to the Chapel gate via the same route taken by the procession. Otherwise, all cars must go through security again at one of the main Ft. Myer gates (ask any official at the cemetery for assistance if you get lost)
  • 10 - 12:30 - Reception at Ft. Myer Officer's Club (if you are only attending this function, simply ask a security guard for instructions on how to get there). Eulogies will be given at the reception.
The following link has a map of Ft. Myer and directions for getting to the Old Post Chapel based on the direction you are coming from such as from 95S, 66W, 495N and Washington DC (click the appropriate tab under "Driving Directions" to receive your directions).
*Note, these driving instructions assume you will have enough people in the car to fulfill HOV requirements; if you need alternate directions, e.g., from route 50 West, please let me know ASAP with the location you are coming from. MapQuest is not helpful in all situations, so I would not rely on it.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me or call me at 703-963-4960.
Many thanks,

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