It was a Long Time Ago But Does Anyone Remember.....

I was recently going through some old pictures in anticipation of putting together my Navy Scrapbook (I still plan on doing that--that's a New year's Resolution. I think everyone should try  doing that. It should keep one busy!).
Anyway, I came across this old picture.
I think it might have been taken when we were at Quantico during CAMID.
I was trying to remember the guys in the picture. I think that is Stan Houghton playing the guitar. It looks like Dave Henry holding the camera.
I think the guy on the top bunk might be Frank Knotts. I think the guy on the middle bunk is Jake Everett. I know that the guy holding the music is Paul Shimek. I can't pinpoint the two guys playing the harmonica . I wonder if anyone recognizes them--Bill

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