Death of Jane Shaffran

I received the following email from Jim and Mary Shaffran:

Today, at approximately 6:30a, after a very lonely year for her, Mom finally joined Dad.  There is a great deal of relief and a great acknowledgment of blessing.  Lung cancer is a pernicious foe but Mom bested it with confident dispatch, and in the truest sense of the phrase, is now earning her reward.

I'm copying several others on this who were not directly involved with Dad's service last year just to save myself some notification time.  I will be in touch with more details about the service for those involved as soon as I'm told them -- hopefully the service will occur in the next couple of weeks.  Please keep in touch with me regarding anything you need from me and your availability -- thanks so much!


On 4/6/2011 2:52 PM, Jim and Mary Shaffran wrote:
Dear Friends And Colleagues,

I wanted to let you all know, in this indelicate yet convenient fashion, that as I'd said last year around this time when you all gathered to assist in the celebration of the life of my father, SJ Shaffran, that my mother (Jane Shaffran) would soon follow, I believe that time is imminent.  The rate of decline has been more pronounced the last 3 weeks, and it's believed that depending upon how her appetite goes (it's still quite strong), she has about that much time left.  She is in in-home hospice and is comfortable and pain-free.

I would like as many of you to participate in her service and reception as possible.  We were so pleased with what you all did for Dad that we'd like to do exactly the same for Mom, word for word and note for note, at the Naval Academy, where she will be inurned and placed with Dad in the columbarium there.  So as to save myself a bit of effort once the time comes, I'm writing today to let you know and hope that you can let me know if you think it would be at all possible (given, of course, this extremely inexact timeframe) to be around and available to lend us your various talents.  I would of course make all appropriate arrangements with each of you as your needs require, but while I have time to think about these things now, I thought it would be wise to get this off today.

Your efforts last year were appreciated more than I could ever say, and will be again soon if you are so gracious to participate.


Jim Shaffran

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