Message from Carole Basford

Hi to all my friends,
       Just would like to take a minute to tell you (really to boast) about Mike's  newest accomplishment.     As you all know he has written  and published six novels.    Well they are now listed on Amazon Kindle E books.   If you have a Kindle you  can order them (at a great price) or tell your friends who are lucky enough to have the e-book.  May I suggest if you do not have one buy one.  That price is at the lowest ever.
  Not that I am partcial but I think the books are GREAT, a nice read during the hot summer days when you can stay cool in the a/c. 

        Thanks for reading this and ENJOY!!!!!                    Carole

 Webmaster note- If you don't have a Kindle you can get a free Kindle for PC program or a free IPhone app which allows you to read Amazon Kindle downloads.

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